Matyáš Kočí is a Czech artist who lives and creates in Prague. His main artistic fields are painting and tattooing but he also makes graphic prints, sculptures and large scale murals.

Painting is his core focus. The main technique he uses is oil painting on canvas. In his work he has long devoted himself to the connection of man and nature. His paintings often have a landscape motif, whether it is a real or imaginary landscape. The vibrant colours and the play with perspective are other characteristic features of his works. In 2018-2021 he studied painting in the studio of doc. ak. mal. Roman Franta and since 2021 he has been creating and exhibiting independently.

Tattooing is in his focus since 2016, when he acquired his first tattoo machine at the same time as his first tattoo. Since then, he has gradually developed as a tattoo artist and in 2019, he has already started to devote himself fully to the tattoo craft. The motifs most often present in his work are formed by lines combined with surfaces filled with black paint. However, he also creates coloured motifs. Most of his designs are first made with ink on paper and then converted into tattoos. Since 2022, he has been working at the Sixty Seven Tattoo Shop studio, which is located at Liliová 16, right in the centre of Prague.